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Q: What is a reciprocating placer?

A: Usually used for intermittent motion applications, reciprocating placers operate at cycle rate speeds up to 90 cycles per minute. With every cycle of a reciprocating placer, an arm pivots from the magazine to the placement position, moving the product from the magazine to the production line. Adding additional lanes to the reciprocating placer magazine(s) increases the output.

Q: What is a rotary placer?

A: A rotary placer is a product feeding machine suited for continuous motion applications. At each revolution of the rotary head, a pick and place task is accomplished at high speeds. Models include standard motion, patented advancing cam motion, secondary motion, and random motion. Each model is recommended based upon the line characteristics, product features, and product handling required.

Q: How do we determine if we need a reciprocating or rotary model?

A: The desired placement speed is one of the key pieces of information in the equation. Reciprocating motion tends to work best at slower speeds and operate from 1 up to 90 placements per minute; whereas a rotary's motion allows placements up to 400 placements per minute. Since all customer products are unique and vary, those individual characteristics ultimately determine how fast the machine(s) can run. We will help you with this evaluation and make our recommendations to you based upon your specific needs. Both reciprocating and rotary styles have worked very well with a wide range of products and sizes.

Q: What purpose do Quick Change Magazines serve?

A: Quick Change magazines are designed for users who require frequent changeovers. Quick Change magazines often reduce changeover time from hours to minutes which can often result in a 75% reduction in time. With dedicated magazines and no tool adjustments, operators are able to easily change over between products where mechanics were previously required to perform the task.

Q: Do your machines have a warranty?

A: Yes. Defects in materials and workmanship are covered for one (1) year from the time of shipment. Some components are excluded from the warranty as they are considered high wear or maintenance items that are regularly replaced during the normal operation of the machine. Full warranty details are made available with each formal machinery quotation.


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