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Carrier and CR80 Card Assembly Machine

This intermittent motion carrier and card placement system attaches gift cards onto printed carriers for point of purchase hanging displays in retail stores. Operating at a rate of 42 cycles per minute or 210 hang cards per minute, it reduces labor to produce a high output of finished “store-ready” product.

Five paper carriers are placed into a fixtured indexing servo conveyor by a multi-lane reciprocating vacuum placer. The carriers travel past a hot melt glue system where a strip of glue is applied to each carrier. The carriers move to the next station where five CR80 cards are placed onto the corresponding carriers. A five-lane reciprocating discharge station removes one set of carriers and CR80 cards onto a shingling conveyor (shingling conveyor not shown in photo). The shingling conveyor will accumulate and shingle the finished carriers and cards in the same five corresponding rows as loaded for accountability of card identity.

Equipped with Yaskawa motion control and 6” color operator interface, alarms are easy to view, and machine adjustments and settings are easy to change.

This card and carrier system was the result of listening to the customer’s needs for an automated stand-alone assembly machine to meet high production and accuracy requirements. The custom-engineered fixtured conveyor, coupled with reliable pick and place machinery, enables +/- 1/64” placement tolerance of the card on the carrier, a precision placement unique to this machine and a first in the industry.



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