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Technical Service 

Should a Minnesota Automation Products machine require verbal troubleshooting or a service technician, we are prepared to assist. Our service technicians can help you with installation, startup, production support, machine audits, parts replacements, or training. We offer PMMI Certified trainers, prompt travel arrangements when required, and offer competitive service rates in the industry. We also provide our customers with service estimates when requested to assist in their budget planning.  


The Parts Department handles parts sales and warranty parts for all GPI machinery manufactured in the U.S. and provides 24/7 coverage. We accept major credit cards, and offer: 

·         Technical support

·         24/7 Parts Hotline for emergency parts orders

·         Single source for both GPI fabricated parts and off–the-shelf parts

·         Competitive pricing that reflects OEM status and quantity breaks on many fabricated parts

·         Computerized forecasting of our stock inventory

·         Knowledge and expertise: our parts staff understands your machinery and will help you get the parts & technical support you need when you need it

·         Our flagship manufacturing facility includes a state-of-the-art two shift machine shop for quick response

·         98%+ on-time shipments - based upon commitment made at the time of order placement

·         Critical and maintenance parts recommendations on new machinery

·         Conversion kits for machinery to accommodate product changes

·         Customer service bulletins advising customers of upgrade information, user-friendly tips, and machinery and maintenance recommendations  

·         Rebuild kits and machine audits

·         Follow-up support to ensure resolution on any open issue

·         Simplified support with one number to call for any of your needs after receipt of your machine

Phone: (800) 258-1433
Fax: (218) 546-2278
email link: parts.sales@graphicpkg.com


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"Your entire team set the standard for customer service/parts within our industry for all vendors. You all should be extremely proud of this accomplishment.”

-Mark Wangel


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