FlexSleeve™ Dairy Sleever


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Cost-effective applications for a wide range of packaging needs.

Minnesota Automation product lines are designed to support a wide range of packaging applications in the food, beverage, tobacco, pharmaceutical, household, printing, plastics and converting industries.

Our machinery offerings are high quality, dependable choices for line automation requirements that will increase your efficiency and control costs. When you choose Minnesota Automation products, you’ll always get the advantage of our experience and expertise built into every piece of equipment.

We offer innovative solutions for typical or complex applications including but not limited to:

 Inserting and/or positioning coupons & literature   View more

 Inserting and/or positioning CDs & DVDs   View more

 Denesting plastic, foam, foil or paperboard trays  View more

 Scanning and verifying bar codes or inspecting cards  View more

 Inserting product instructions into bottles or boxes  View more

 Onserting literature to bottles, cans, boxes or bags  View more

 Systems for specialty applications  View more

 Applying hang tags & pouches on bottles  View more

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