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ElastiTag® Applicator

This innovative, patent pending applicator is the FIRST and ONLY machine to automatically apply ElastiTag® products from Bedford Industries onto any necked bottle or container at speeds up to 450 tags per minute. This stand-alone, stainless finish machine measures 12’ long x 5’ wide x 7’6” tall. It is designed to roll up to your existing conveyor and apply tags to a single lane of bottles as they are conveyed through the packaging process.

Utilizing a band-expanding wheel, it separates each tag from the web and rotates the tag over the neck of the bottle. The timing screw discharges the bottles onto the customer’s conveyor.

The ElastiTag® Applicator includes dual tag roll capacity. It allows the operator up to 13 minutes to load a roll of webbed ElastiTag® products onto the empty spool holder when the machine is running at 450 ppm. The machine automatically picks up the web from the new roll thus eliminating time-consuming splicing and down time. The system design enables multiple product functionality with minimal re-tooling. Separate servo motors allow for fast, accurate changeovers and on-the-fly adjustments coupled with a user-friendly operator interface.

ElastiTag® Applicator
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