FlexSleeve™ Dairy Sleever



To stay competitive, you need extra performance from your production lines everyday. We can help.

With more than 33 years of successful machinery installations, we have developed a complete line of high-performing placers and packaging machinery to increase efficiency and optimize line performance -- whether you choose a standard model or a custom-engineered machine to meet unique applications.

Plus, you’ll find that quality, reliability and unmatched customer support are part of every Minnesota Automation™ machine to assure you get the gains needed to improve your production line efficiency.

Minnesota Automation products include standard and customized packaging machinery for typical and complex applications:

 Reciprocating and rotary placers for inserting and/or positioning coupons, literature and CD/DVDs, including servo-driven models with fixed or random pitch placement for the highest placement accuracy.

 Tray denesters for paperboard, plastic, foam, or foil trays.

 Collators & labeling systems.

 Cartoners – intermittent or continuous motion; automatic or hand load; vertical or end load cartoners, with glue or tuck closure.

 Sleeve wrapping machinery - intermittent and continuous motion, single lane, dual lane, or stacked for tubs and trays – glue or lock closure. 

 Cake and pie doming.

 Clamshell packaging systems. 

 Onserters and outserters for the placement of folded literature on the top or sides of bottles.   

 Hang tag applicators for bottles of all shapes and sizes.

 Specialty packaging machinery.

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More reasons why Minnesota Automation products are the right choice for you.

Quick change magazines reduce change-over time. Custom-engineered devices improve the reliability and efficiency of product handling. Superior servo technology drives high engineering standards. Sale or lease options keep financing simple and investment affordable.

And when paperboard products are involved, ask us about the option to provide both the machinery and the packaging, providing you with a single source partner to reduce your vendor base while simplifying your packaging operation.



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