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Tray Venting System      

Tray Venting System

This system consists of one single-lane reciprocating vacuum placer and an indexing flighted conveyor. The placer automatically places trays onto the system's flighted indexing conveyor, cycles the trays through a hole punching station, then completes the process by discharging them to a take-away conveyor.

Required speeds for this line were 35 cycles per minute. It includes quick change magazines to allow for fast changeover and ease of operation.

While the reciprocating placer is one of our standard product lines, this was a custom designed system due to the requirements for a product specific conveyor and unique mechanisms for punching the holes in three different trays. It is another example of our ability to understand the customer's needs, then design, manufacture, and complete a custom system "on time."


Tray Venting System
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